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Mungallala State School

​Mungallala State School is a small school located 608km from Brisbane and 133km equidistant from Roma and Charleville, in the Darling Downs/South West Education Region.
Established in 1904, over its long history of delivering outstanding education opportunities to the students of the Mungallala district, our school has been the focal point of our community.
We believe the quality of relationships between children, the school, parents and the community are essential to ensuring the progress of our students. To this end, our school has rules and values which are embedded in our school culture and which identify and promote our high standards of expected behaviour.
  • be safe
  • be responsible
  • be respectful
  • be a learner

These beliefs are summarised in our One School Rule - "Keep your hands, feet and comments to yourself."

The Mungallala district is devoted to the production of cattle and sheep, although some property owners have successfully domesticated  feral goats.
A timber mill, that provides employment for a small number of people in the district, is once again in operation and currently employing 15 people from Mungallala and Mitchell. Expansion of this facility is continuing.
In 2019, we currently have five students enrolled.

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